Need some time to relax with friends?  

Want to experience how aromatherapy can help with stress relief and relaxation?  

Book a party now!  

Enjoy benefits like:

Foot soak station.  Sooth your feet in a and-hammered copper bowl full of soft river stones and your choice of 3 bath salt blends:

  • Calming and Balancing
  • Detoxing and Strengthening
  • Uplifting and Revitalizing

Stress and Aromatherapy Presentation by a Registered Aromatherapist.  If you choose, you can have a 20-30 minute educational presentation regarding the effects of stress on health and how aromatherapy can promote relaxation and stress relief.  Printed material available also.

One-on-One Q&A with Registered Aromatherapist.  Ask any and all of your questions about essential oils and their uses and safety, Blue Dawn product,

Product Demos and Testing.  Experience Blue Dawn Aromatherapy for yourself!  You can test each and every one of our all natural wellness and skin care products.

Free Samples. You and all of your guests can choose from a multitude of free samples to take home and try. Samples may include but are not limited to 1/2 ounce sized creams, like our Ultimate Hand Cream, scrubs, lip balms, and sometimes one run specialties (bath bombs and such)!

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